Why Am I Running?
I feel that my job is to help educate, activate and mobilize the whole mass of people who have fallen asleep at the
wheel, through first, educating, activating and mobilizing myself.

A republic, the form of government that  we have, is a type of democracy.  This means that we don't believe in the
divine right of kings but that all men are created equal;  that it is every citizen's duty to be involved in our nation's
governance.  But even though we were founded as a Christian nation - and have been one up until Obama stood
up and said we were one no longer - many Christians, such as myself, have largely ignored this duty.   To this I
want to issue a clarion call to myself and to others, that we cannot stay silent and uninvolved any longer  We
cannot  expect our republic to stay intact despite the attacks against it.

Perhaps, we have forgotten our history.  We have called ourselves a Christian nation because pastors have been
at the forefront of our political movements from the beginning.  They led entire congregations to this "New World" to
establish "a city upon a hill".  They preached to our Founding Fathers, who then set out to establish this country -
based on what they were hearing  from the pulpits.  In those days, hearing an "Election Sermon" was what was
expected.  Not so for today.  Within the last several decades, the majority of pastors have abstained from  voicing
their political opinions at all , even though scripture  tells us, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."

What changed?   In 1954, the Johnson Amendment  was added to the revised IRS code  which took away pastors'  
rights to free speech.   They were no longer free to speak their minds politically, without violating their 501c(3) tax
exempt statuses. (That's the status that allows us to deduct our donations at the end of the year.)   As a result,
political stewardship of our nation is no longer preached in  America.  And, not surprisingly, few Christians today
feel the conviction to engage in it.

Now, instead of getting involved, we bemoan the fact that not only has God been 'taken out of schools', but now our
children are being taught things like, Common Core, Socialism and LGBTQ-centered sex education, - at
increasingly younger ages!  We then wonder why young adults of today, the "millennials" are overwhelmingly in
favor of  things like Socialism  and LGBTQ rights, while at the same time, dropping out of their churches.  

According to common law, as articulated in the English case Regina v. Hicklin (1868), all material tending to
"deprave and corrupt those whose minds are open to such immoral influences" is deemed "obscene" and should
be banned on that basis.  America was founded upon strong moral roots.   Our first schools were established
within churches, in order to teach children to read the bible.  

The bible says that God created them male and female.  Yet today, our children are being taught that their gender
is fluid and can change.  This idea comes from the atheistic Humanism belief system that, through a series of
Supreme Court cases, has replaced Judeo-Christian values in the schoolroom.   The problem with this is that, in  
the words of Thomas Jefferson, " the opinions and belief of men depend not on their own will, but follow
involuntarily the evidence proposed to their minds."  

Jefferson goes on to say that "Almighty God hath created the mind free..." and that "that truth is great and will
prevail if left to herself; that she is the proper and sufficient antagonist to error, and has nothing to fear from the
conflict unless by human interposition disarmed of her natural weapons, free argument and debate; errors
ceasing to be dangerous when it is permitted freely to contradict them."

However, truth is not offered "free argument and debate" in the schoolrooms anymore.

Abraham Lincoln cautioned that "The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation is the philosophy of
government in the next."   We have abandoned the bible in the classrooms and traded it for Charles Darwin's
Origins of Species.  Correspondingly, we have witnessed a gradual decline in our nation's morals.  We, as a
culture, no longer understand that we were made in God's image; that we were made male and female. We have,
instead, we succumbed to what Romans (chapter one) describes as: proclaiming ourselves to be wise, while
becoming fools.  

It is understandable if two consenting adults decide to enter into a social contract, which is what 'marriage' is.  God
Himself grants us " free will".   The problem lies in that the rabbit hole -is bottomless.  For instance, have you
heard about the "thembies"?  Now, factions from this LGBTQ movement want parents to withhold announcing their
baby's gender, until the child decides it themselves, at the tender age of - four!   Because we Christians prefer to
not rock the boat, society is getting a one-sided message that continually gets reverberated back as in an echo
chamber.  Without  contrary opinions being voiced,  things go from bad to worse, - at an exponential  rate.

Sadly, through our hard earned tax dollars, we are financing not only the propagation of these lopsided ideas in the
schoolrooms, but we are also funding the propagation of them in the political arena.  Jefferson, in the same letter
goes on to say that "to compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he
disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical."

President Calvin Coolidge once said, "Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery."
But it looks like we are paying more than is necessary here:   public school costs in Kentucky are  $12,000 -
$22,000 per student while private school costs are significantly less expensive, - only $3,000 - $8,000 per student  
(see bipps.org).

Where is all of  that extra money going?  It's not going to the students and teachers.  I spoke with parents who are
buying up to $300 worth of school supplies, of which only about $25 worth of it goes to their own child.  I spoke with
teachers who are having to buy hundreds of dollars of teaching materials out of their own paychecks.   This is all
happening while the largest item in our state budget is education!  

According to a AEi report, from 1950 to 2009 administrative and other non teaching staff went up 702% while the
number of students  only went up by 96% and the number of teachers went up by 252%.  It would seem almost
justifiable if student achievement matched the astronomically high number of administrators.  Instead reading
levels went slightly down and math levels remained stagnant.  Such irresponsible use of taxpayer dollars is
indefensible.   The only 'defense' could be that the school boards have been  bullied by the KEA and the NEA
through negotiating collective bargaining agreements, and such, to spend such unwarranted large amounts of
taxpayer money.

This is not the teachers'  fault.  It's 'the system' that is faulty.  It may have started out as a good thing.  Nevertheless,
when left unchecked, good systems can go awry.  There is such a thing as a "use' and an "abuse" of a system.  
For example, when I Googled it, I saw that over an 8 year time span, teachers' unions have increased their political
donations by 800%!   The donations went from $4.3 (2004) million to over $32 million (2016).  What's more is that
94% of that amount goes to the Democrat / Socialist Party (see: opensecrets.org).   By the way, according to
Democrats.org, Democrats stand with the ideas proposed by LGBTQ agenda.  So, taxpayers are being forced to
propagate ideas that they may not agree with, in the political sphere as well.  

Raising  taxes on the working people is akin to stealing their labor.  The higher the taxes a person pays, the closer
he or she is to slavery.   Government should be the servant of the people, not the slave-master of them.  Money
should rightfully  stay in the wallets of the working people who earn it,  to  then spend as they choose, rather than
watch the government spend it for them.

The higher the taxes, the less likely individuals will want to move to our state.  We need to increase our tax base,
not our tax rates.  The more people that are paying into our tax system,  the less each person has to pay

I believe that the   Runaway tax increases must end and common sense budget reform must begin.   Individuals
and families should be given the opportunity to keep the fruits of their labor and to grow their wealth.   Let us make
these changes.  Let us correct these errors.  Let us roll up our sleeves and work together to move Kentucky