Answers to Questions I Have Been Asked
Are you liberal or conservative?

I am both a conservative... and a Christian.   This means that I am 'socially conservative', as well as 'fiscally conservative'.  
Many who are 'socially liberal' are beginning to wake up to the fact that; fiscal conservatism; works!  Because of this
newfound understanding many social liberals are now involved in the Republican Party.  Which is great on one hand, but on
the other, it means that (with an absence of a bible-believing Christian influence... since many Christians choose to stay
away from politics) the morals of Republican Party are degenerating. Republicans, generally have not out-paced the
Democrats in their moral decline, so I would still urge you to vote Repubican in most cases.

But here is a case in which you may want to consider voting Independent: My Republican opponent, who is endorsed by the
Northern Kentucky Republican Party, Jordan Huizenga, joined in with my other opponent Buddy Wheatley, a Democrat, in
marching in this year's Gay Pride Parade.  Essentially, the Republicans endorsed a gay pride candidate. Therefore, if the
Republicans get their man into office, Huizenga, would likely bring his ideology to the state level. This is, in fact, one reason I
am running.  I want to offer people a truly conservative choice. I am on the ballot as Alyssa Dara McDowell, the Independent

Am I for gay marriage?  

Yes and no.  Jesus, when asked why Moses granted certificates of divorcement, answered, "...because your hearts were
hardened."  This generation has increasingly, through LGBTQ propaganda, undergone such a 'hardening of the heart'.  We
no longer hold truth to be what is expressed in the Word of God.  It stead, "our truth" depends upon "popular opinion" at any
given time.   Additionally God has given us the "free will" to have "hardened hearts".   We don't have to walk with the Lord if we
don't choose to.  Indeed, He doesn't want robots so choosing to "walk with the Lord" is a matter of "choice".   Therefore,  if
elected, I would be representing both "those that walk with the Lord" and those that "choose their own paths'.

In addition, when you ask a person if they are for "gay marriage", you are asking that person if their ideology aligns with
everything the leaders of the LGBTQ organization say.   For instance, have you heard about the "theybies"?  Leaders of the
homosexual movement are now pushing for babies to not be 'labeled' male or female until the child decides, at the age of
four, what sex they will choose.   So in that sense, my short answer would have to be a resounding, "No!"    

So instead of answering that "yes/no" question, I will offer an entirely different answer and that answer is this:  I stand for

Civil marriage is considered a 'social contract'.  When we signed the Declaration of Independence establishing this country,
we entered into 'a social contract'.   In order for individuals to live together in peace, we need to abide by a 'social contract'.  
So, for two "consenting adults" who want to share their lives together, I don't see a 'civil' problem with their entering into a
'social contract'.

Do I believe 'Jesus' would be okay with gay marriage?

I suppose a person can 'choose to believe what they 'want' to believe.  I however, am a seeker of Truth.  I find that Truth as it
is written in God's Word, the bible.

So in that sense, I would have to refer the person to what Jesus, who is God, has said Himself in His Word.  Google
"Romans Chapter 1".

Personally, I don't  think Jesus would consider it wise to enter into a covenant  that He Himself would disprove of.  What if you
were to  change your mind or your heart; would you then feel bound to ignore that inner change in order to fulfill the promise
you made to the other individual?

So instead of marriage, a gay couple may 'prefer' to draw up their own social contract.  Perhaps they don't want the phrase
"..until death do we part" in their social contract.  Perhaps they'd rather say, "...until either party decides to formally abolish this
Is the United States a Christian Nation?

We were founded by Christians seeking to spread Christianity.  We were populated by Christians seeking to
practice Christianity, -coming from countries that had been Christian for hundreds of generations.  The New
World was simply an extension of "all of Christendom".  The Christian God is evoked in our founding
documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  Many state constitutions were originally
written with 'religious tests' requiring a strong belief in Christianity to hold public offices.  Colleges and schools
were begun in order to teach the bible and the Christian faith. For the first hundred years, only Christian
pastors were permitted to be presidents of American colleges.   Until the mid 1900's bibles were taught in
schools.  We have always observed Christian holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter-Resurrection Day,
etc.   To this day, Sundays are observed as a day of rest in America, in accordance with the teachings from the
bible.   Our land is covered with Christian churches both old and new.  Most homes have at least one bible.  
The bible is and has been the all time best selling book in America, by far.  Christianity is in our literature and
in our idioms, i.e. "the writing is on the wall", etc.   Through the Christian faith, orphanages and hospitals were
established.  Legendary economist, Max Weber, wrote that because of our Christian ethics - hard work, saving,
and giving - we have become prosperous.  Through the values put forth in our Christian bibles, we have
emerged from obscure isolation to becoming  the most prosperous nation on earth and a world power.   
People want to come here to enjoy the fruits of our Christianity.  America has been a living testimony that when
we live God's way, good things happen!

With all of these good things that Christianity has given us, why would we want to abandon the ethics that
come from the Holy Author of our faith?