Where I Stand on Issues
I Stand For Life - I have had two abortions myself.  I was confused, as I was waking up early from my
second abortion.  I heard the nurse question my abortion doctor, "Is he still alive?" I had believed that the
child growing inside of me was simply a clump of cells. It wasn't until I carried my first-born child, full term,
that I figured out that she had to have been alive that whole time.  How else could she kick her feet and
suck her thumb? Once I realized, through ultrasound equipment, that an unborn child is a living person,
then it was easy to be pro-life, because not to be would mean - being pro-murder.

I Stand For Second Our Amendment Rights - Or should I say, "I stand for our Constitution, - including the
entire Bill of Rights?"  There is much hoopla about guns being the cause of death.   However this
argument is unfounded.  To blame the gun, rather than the gun-owner for wrongful death is like blaming  
cars, and not the car-drivers, for a fatal collisions.  God, not government,  has granted each individual the
right of self-defense.  Taking guns away from the good guys will not stop the bad guys.  Look at the city of
Chicago - where guns are banned, but gun deaths ensue at unimaginable rates - for evidence of this fact.

I Stand Against Socialism - Socialism lives in the minds of it's adherents as a sort of Utopia.  But like the
meaning of the word (utopia means "nowhere"), socialism is a dreamy hypothesis that, when put into
practice on the world stage, proves it does not hold water.  Let us check out Venezuela and ask ourselves,
"Do we want to live like that?"

I Stand For Capitalism - It' is not fair that one group of people get a bigger slice of the pie than others,
right?  But what if there were more than just one pie?  What if you can bake an unlimited number of pies, -
using an unlimited number of ovens?  Hint:  It's not a zero-sum game.

I Stand For Free-Markets and Fair-Trade -  A free market simply means win-win.  If it wasn't a win-win,
neither party would agree to the "trade".  Right?

I Stand Against Corporate Welfare -  There are many forms of corporate welfare, I'll just mention one that I
am working against right now.  Even though Duke Energy were given a federal tax decrease from 35% to
21%, instead of passing that savings on to us, they , instead, want to raise our rates by 17.4%!  Meanwhile,
Duke' Energy's CEO, Lynn J. Good, made $23.5 million dollars last year alone.   Because it  is a
public-private partnership, competition cannot drive the prices down.  This is a form of corporate welfare.  It
is not fair for families and individuals to have to empty their pockets through paying unfair rates while the
government  allows greedy utilities companies to take full advantage of our lack of choice.

I Stand For Our First Amendment Rights - The 5 rights guaranteed here  are freedom of religion, freedom
of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble, and  freedom to petition.   The most misinterpreted
of these rights come from the  religious clauses: "Congress shall make no law respecting an
establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof."  - If read in it's entirety, it is easy to see
that this law prohibits the state from getting involved in the church, not the other way around.

I Stand for Education and Jobs:  Employers move to a state, partly because of it's trained workforce.  I
would like to work with employers to create apprenticeships where students can, both, learn on the job and
learn important skills at school to help prepare them for a productive and prosperous future.

I Stand for our Economy:  We cannot tax ourselves into prosperity.  One study shows that Americans now
spend more money on taxes than they do on food and clothing.  This is upside down.  We must look for
ways to cut government spending, so as to leave more money with  those that earned it.  Additionally, we
must find and implement ways to increase our tax base, rather than our  tax rates.   The more  individuals
and businesses carrying the load,  the less of a  burden each must carry individually.